A brief overview of the features that Nawcast brings to your narrowcasting.

Compose your narrowcasting program

Program builder

Easily add new slides to your program. Pick your desired slide from the available templates, and change the order as you go. Available templates:

  • Centered media (image or youtube video)
  • Title and text
  • Quote someone
  • Web-frame: view another website
  • The latest tweets from a # or an @

Slides can be customized to match your branding. Give them a unique feeling and stand out within no time.

advanced slide builder

Slide builder

After selecting a template of your choice, you can adjust the content and styling via easy setting menus. A live preview is displayed on the side so you can instantly see what your slide will look like in the Narrowcasting. Adjust:

  • Input your own text
  • Insert media (images, videos, etc) with a media library
  • Change colors, sizes, alignments
  • Change the background
  • Pick from 1500+ Google Fonts
  • And many more settings...
Media library with images and colors

Media library

Making your narrowcasting look exactly the way you like within no time. All your media can be found in a simple overview, called the media library.

To give you all creative freedom, you can easily upload/link:

  • Images from your computer/device
  • Images you found on the web
  • Pick colors you want to reuse
  • Pick videos from Youtube to show in your narrowcasting
Nawcast runner starting with unique start code

Narrowcasting runner

We have a separate runner to run full-screen on the big screens. All you need is a up-to-date browser and you're ready to show your narrowcasting to the public.

Example of a twitter content slide

Live data fetching

One of the unique features of Nawcast is that we fetch live data for you. Some examples of data you could show in your narrowcasting:

  • Tweets you've sent (deprecated, thanks Musk)
  • Weather information of your location (to do)
  • Your own API integration (to do)


Since you've made it so far, why not give Nawcast a try? It's free, and you can delete your account if its not what you need.